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A comprehensive and modern multilingual website solution for a leading global Enterprise.


Compusoft Group are one of the fastest-growing global kitchen and bathroom design software providers thanks to their preeminent software solutions and exceptional expertise connecting design and production. Due to their specialist integrated software taking customers from the design stage through to installation and their invaluable customer support, Compusoft Group have become a global design authority across 14 different markets, including Europe, Australasia and South Africa.

As part of their rebranding, Compusoft Group reached out to Saari to create a website offering for them to allow them to transition to a modern and agile infrastructure with a view to reflecting their status as a specialist authority on software solutions. The aim was to create a website which would provide international marketing teams with an easy to use and customisable tool which seamlessly integrates with Salesforce. The outdated and rigid .net framework did not support the corporate vision required by Compusoft Group in order to take them to the next week.


With a solid focus on the user and on business value, Saari was able to create an agile and streamlined product for Compusoft Group with progressive technological foundations to allow them to stay ahead.

With a deep understanding of the international challenges involved, Saari applied an integrated, flexible approach in order to project manage and deliver a sleek yet cost-effective solution.


Saari crafted a modern website solution putting users at the heart of the experience to provide an easily navigable product with a solid emphasis on data accuracy and support. Functionalities were developed to provide both end-users and marketing teams with a sleek and streamlined experience across all devices and browsers guiding them from the design stage through to production. The new website provides sales and marketing with a tool to allow Compusoft Group to scale in line with their growth strategy.

Nikke and the team worked very hard to create our website in a short time-scale. This was impressive considering the complexities that were discovered along the way, as they often do in any project. They overcame them and were very committed to delivering the project quickly and to a good standard. Nikke’s extensive knowledge was very helpful in managing the project and providing solutions to the challenges along the way.

Freddie McGrath, Digital Marketing Manager