Digital Strategy

Creative Marketing


Content marketing, influencer marketing, digital advertising, strategy consulting and branding for sustainable fish oil company, FISKOLíA.


FISKOLíA defines a healthy mindset and a positive attitude towards life. FISKOLíA is deep-rooted in Icelandic culture, has a strong sense of origin and pristine nature forms and stark landscapes are at the heart of this brand.

Saari were chosen to strategically plan and execute across content marketing, influencer marketing, digital advertising, strategy consulting and branding. This was for the purpose of increasing and driving brand awareness, engagement and conversion to sales. Saari were also asked to advise on the curation of FISKOLíA’s international online presence.

FISKOLíA wished to improve their overall digital visibility especially within the UK whilst educating their customers about their products being sustainably sourced and the array of potential health benefits which can occur on consumption.


With an integral understanding of FISKOLíA’s visions and their principal values of quality, sustainability and origin, Saari set to strategically transform FISKOLíA’s digital marketing offering to support their UK and international launch. The key focal points were on strategic, targeted outreach incorporating an international marketing vision with locally relevant tactics and the development of a clear visual brand. Brand alignment and outreach to the customer target groups in multiple markets was a key goal.


With a strong emphasis on brand identity and positioning, Saari were able to increase consumer awareness, drive traffic to FISKOLíA’s website and grow FISKOLíA’s exposure on social media.

Saari’s work is ongoing and Saari continue to work on cementing the position of FISKOLíA by generating engaging content, promoting outreach with the brand’s customer base and harnessing influencers to join the conversations on social media.

Special thanks to the Saari team which made our FISKOLíA Herring fish oil from Iceland a success on the UK market. We hired Nikke and the Saari team to help increase consumer awareness, drive traffic to the FISKOLíA website and grow FISKOLíA’s exposure by means of conducting our social media approach and SEO through a strong emphasis on brand identity and positioning. The team's commitment to the task was unwavering and high-yielding with incredible attention to detail. The Saari team displayed in-depth knowledge and expertise and they worked together in a seamless blend of efficiency and skills to deliver a valuable service. FISKOLíA cannot recommend Saari highly enough.

Snorri Hreggviðsson / CEO, Margildi – Producer of FISKOLíA from Iceland