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Social media advertising and lead generation for an award-winning leader in private air charter, flight management and environmentalism, Fly Victor.


Saari were engaged by an award-winning leader in private air charter, Fly Victor, to develop an attribution strategy for social media advertising assigning value to the channels driving an outcome with the aim of improving sales tracking and examining the digital media spend against trends. Part of Saari's brief was to also drive messaging in the context of initiating and engaging in a global conversation on climate change to offset carbon emissions. This was particularly relevant as Fly Victor was launching an industry-first climate action campaign to lead the aviation sector to a more sustainable future and a CEO initiative #BeyondOffset, which called for businesses to identify and invest in climate action solutions.


Saari carried out an extensive search audit to understand current performance, competitors and provide recommendations on how Fly Victor could maximise their ROI. A new paid search strategy was developed with a budget and determined KPIs were put in place.


The new paid digital advertising strategy delivered significant results for Fly Victor within a very short time. A new campaign structure together with carefully tailored ad copy were introduced, which substantially exceeded the initial KPIs set. Saari increased lead interest rates with a noticeable improvement in the quality of social leads making it an extremely successful campaign.