LED Future


Project Management

International Marketing

Multinational marketing consultancy for a leading UVC light disinfection business developing products and solutions using UVC-LED technology.


A Nordic company developing disinfection products using UVC-LED technology sought an expert partner to aid their international marketing and sales endeavours. Saari's were engaged to improve their marketing and communications to reach and market to customers internationally.


Wider marketing strategy and communications were fine tuned with the production of physical and digital materials for marketing internationally. A multilingual website and SEO project with translations to Russian and German was completed. All communication materials were edited and tailor made with an international audience in mind to sharpen the tone of the value proposition.


Lead generation has produced 10+ active client and partner conversations leading to sales and agreed partnerships internationally. Saari materials and approach were used to achieve this result. With the aid of the new multilingual website international traffic has increased creating opportunities for sales and brand awareness.

Led Future Ltd is a Finnish company driving at international markets. For that purpose Led Future hired Nikke & Saari Ltd to promote international marketing, sharpen digital expression and establish customer networks in different parts of the world. Nikke’s and his team’s commitment for this task has been complete, fruitful and decisive. Collaboration has been instructive, flexible and a great passion for success is perfectly clear. Led Future Ltd can warmly recommend Nikke and his team for collaboration business internationalisation.

Urho Väätäinen / Chairman, LED Future