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Saari were brought in as strategic partners to lead Bluestripe’s digital marketing and amplification of strategic media products company-wide.


Saari partnered with Bluestripe, a B2B marketing services group for the media, advertising and tech industries, as strategic partners to lead Bluestripe’s digital marketing, development, and amplification of strategic products. This would involve multi-platform PPC campaigning alongside project-based advertising platform and ad tracking setup. Campaign goals vary by definition on select project KPI's within the marketing and advertising space from the delivery of high quality, relevant traffic to brand awareness or lead generation and consulting.


Saari worked across a number of relevant platforms to plan, build and launch Bluestripe’s PPC campaigning with the goal of increasing brand awareness and delivering a high volume of quality traffic, brand awareness, or leads. Saari's multi-platform campaigning involved an initial research and segmentation process in order to define the targeting within available audiences. The campaigns were monitored daily and refinements and improvements were continually implemented to maximise campaign efficiency and effectiveness as learnings were found.


Throughout their partnership, Saari have proven successful in developing a comprehensive marketing infrastructure for Bluestripe to launch new products and generate awareness for the Bluestripe brand and products. Partnership efforts have resulted in increased brand awareness and high quality traffic through an insightful approach in new media development.

We’ve worked with Nikke and his team on a range of innovative paid media projects, from strategy and scope through the implementation and management. Saari is a flexible, intelligent, and straightforward partner who have delivered on time, on budget, and on scope every time. When needed, they’ve become an extension of our in-house team, working seamlessly with our staff on internal projects and client campaigns.

Patrick Herridge, Chairman Bluestripe Group