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Strategic marketing consulting and PPC campaigning for an industry leader in high-end ambulance manufacturing, exploring potential opportunities in new international markets.


Saari partnered with Profile Vehicles, a global leader in best-in-class ambulance manufacturing, to help them build and establish a company-wide marketing infrastructure, as well as plan, build, and launch multiple sales-supporting PPC campaigns, with the goal of seeking out intentional opportunities in new and previously unexplored markets. The campaign's goals were to increase the brand's reach and awareness in specific international markets, as well as generate relevant leads, through the use of lead tracking software, that would be vetted and passed on to the sales team.


Saari used Google Ads and LinkedIn as advertising platforms to assemble two PPC campaigns targeting relevant potential customers across France and then Poland. The multi-platform campaigning involved an initial research and segmentation process in order to define the targeting within each separate ad group. The campaigns were monitored daily and refinements and improvements were continually made to maximise campaign efficiency and effectiveness as learnings were found.


A well-founded, sales-supporting marketing infrastructure was implemented across the company along with multiple successful international PPC marketing campaigns. After the campaigns Profile Vehicles were left with a high number of relevant leads across both French and Polish markets for their respective sales team member to pursue.

In our industry of manufacturing ambulances and special vehicles, the target audience is very well defined, but Nikke & Saari Ltd were resourceful and manage to attract the attention of these niche market groups. Their way of doing marketing is aimed to strongly support sales, so marketing is not just an end itself.” - Santtu Keto (Head of Global Sales)