Chateau Bouffemont

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Content ideation, curation and creative copywriting for luxury 19th century château in France, Château Bouffémont.


Saari were approached by the owner of the majestic residence, Château Bouffémont, located in the heart of the Montmorency Forest in Paris in order to curate their website content. The opulent Château was originally designed by the Marquise de Preignes and Baron Empain in the 1850s. Following an elaborate refurbishment in 2012, the breathtaking Château boasts 10 luxury suites and 5 grand halls and makes for an elegant venue for upscale gatherings and private events with its opulent facade and its beautifully manicured grounds.


By immersing fully into the history of the Château and by establishing the precise aims of the content to be launched, Saari were able to devise and create content to allow the story of this luxury Château to be told whilst capturing the iconic essence and distinctiveness of the imperial residence.


Through a story-telling approach, meaningful, SEO-compliant content was designed to convey the Château’s unique appeal with its target audience in mind and with a view to attracting new customers. This was also used as a basis for the French language copy. The blog highlighted the distinctive nature of the residence allowing them to stand out in the competitive world of tourism and hospitality.