Digital Business

Consultation exploring global e-commerce opportunities for leading gas detection provider.


Nordic-based company, Detector, is a leading gas detection provider developing and producing reliable gas detection solutions for various facilities thus ensuring personal safety. They requested a consultation with Saari to explore their e-commerce opportunities, looking for a recommendation aligned with their goals and objectives in the field of B2B business.


We conducted interviews within their company examining their various needs and requirements in order to implement a successful e-commerce solution. A specific recommendation for the client was then proposed accompanied by a thorough overview of the different providers and their services.


A great introduction to the possibilities within the realm of e-commerce and a hands-on guide to initiate planning and the implementation of a digital strategy containing a global e-commerce platform.

We decided to explore the possibility of expanding our service offering to e-commerce. Our consultant was Nikke Österback from Saari LTD. Nikke carried out an extensive and comprehensive study of the potential options and ways to go forward. Cooperation with Nikke Österback went well. He conducted a thorough background study and flexibly adapted his plan as the need specified.

Although Detector is not yet setting up an online store at this stage, I can warmly recommend co-operation with Saari LTD and Nikke Österback.

Ulla-Maija Maunu / Director of Administration and strategy, Detector Oy