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Diamond Motors is the largest premiere retailer of Mitsubishi Motors in the Philippines. With headquarters based in Manila, Diamond Motors was founded over 70 years ago.


Diamond Motors, a large Mitsubishi dealership, were looking for a leading partner to help them facilitate and accelerate their digital transformation for CRM, sales and marketing. Diamond Motors both sell and service all types of Mitsubishi vehicles in a competitive marketplace. Saari functioned as a marketing partner organisation for Diamond Motors, leading strategic development to maximise and develop digital sales and customer approach. Saari outlined a strategic roadmap, liaising with Diamond Motors' internal and external partners, for best sales impact.


Saari team audited Diamond Motors' digital business infrastructure and current team capabilities. This served as the foundation for a 360-degree roadmap for digital sales, CRM, and marketing platform development. Following strategic road mapping, Saari advised Diamond Motors on its inbound and outbound strategy, working with the company's internal team on best practice tactics for website, content, and ad marketing, as well as consulting on analytics best practices.


Diamond Motors benefited from a clear roadmap for optimising digital development from a business standpoint. Saari's strategic vision outlined a clear team and hiring strategy, as well as digital communications technologies and digital sales tactics ranging from SEO to best practises in content and advertising.

I brought Nikke in to build and optimize our digital marketing department. His contribution made a significant impact on the team and our entire network of dealers. Having worked with many consultants throughout my journey in the corporate world, I can say with firm conviction that Nikke's services are of the highest caliber. He is someone determined to deliver, with a wealth of knolwedge and experience that shines through every step of the way. The team was very motivated under his leadership and the projects we worked on moved forward with solid consistency, delivering clear and quantifiable results. I recommend both Nikke and Saari Ltd wholeheartedly for anyone looking to optimize their branding and digital marketing efforts.

Jon Blaylock (Head of Marketing & Strategic Planning)