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Ortotec Finland is a Medical Equipment manufacturing specialist based in Finland with its core business function to manufacture and sell GetMet, a metal detector designed for detecting metal parts in tissue.


Ortotec Finland, a Nordic medical metal detection manufacturer, develops products for hospital, veterinary, military and field use. Saari functions as Ortotec Finland's marketing partner to aid their global marketing and digital sales endeavours. Saari were tasked to outline, build and implement a marketing and communications infrastructure in order to reach potential new customers internationally.


Broader marketing strategy and communications were defined to base a 360 marketing infrastructure which was built and implemented consisting of an SEO-optimised, multilingual website, socials setup, and ad platform and analytics setup. Saari produced all communication materials made for measure to resonate with an international audience and sharpen the tone of the value proposition.


Ortotec Finland’s marketing and communications properties were successfully set up and optimised by Saari using best practices, providing the company with platforms to fast-track the business’s international growth, increasing traffic and engagement across all digital channels. Saari continues to support Ortotec Finland digital sales.