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Process development consulting for a global leader in Pro Audio products and software solutions. Partnership engagement, marketing campaign design and project management.


Genelec, a global leader in Pro Audio product design and software solutions, requested Saari services to help develop and re-define the Genelec marketing partnership engagement process with the aim to address the growing Prosumer market demand and opportunity. The overall objective of the campaign was focused on developing the Genelec internal process for seeing through consumer facing campaigns with popular talent. The objective was to increase the global reach of the brand and related audio products and open up the Genelec marketing to the new generation of Prosumer consumer audiences.


Saari identified, vetted and recruited high-profile artists and producers for consumer marketing campaigns for the prosumer market. The two-pronged campaign involved an initial scouting process searching for interesting and relevant creative professionals internationally and consulting on other markets such as UK, Europe, the Nordic countries and Asia. With our extensive network within the music space, Saari were able to liaise between Genelec and the artists’ teams to collaborate, negotiate and assist with the formation of essential partnerships required in order to achieve high-quality and engaging content for the company.


An engaging content marketing campaign involving international, high-profile and up-and-coming producers providing an insight into their musical processes and workspaces featuring Genelec products; inspiring and educating the next generation of professional Genelec users. Saari contracted all international talent in the campaign thus developing a business framework for Genelec. Saari provided oversight on the creative campaigning within the Pro at Home framework.

Nikke & Saari Ltd were hired to consult for Genelec artist experience sharing marketing approach, leading content marketing initiatives designed as an on boarding exercise to position Genelec as the inspiring choice for go-to pro audio among young and emerging music producers, artists, and music creators. Nikke’s genuine commitment, extensive experience, business knowledge and deep contact base and network ensured professionally managed high-profile artist partnerships come to life. Nikke and his team’s approach exemplify genuine international sensitivity with great attention to detail and passion for success.

Siamäk Naghian / Global CEO, Genelec