Lapponia / Kalevala Group

Digital Marketing



International multichannel and digital marketing strategy for a leading Nordic jewellery brand.


To benchmark, research and develop a renowned Nordic jewellery brand Lapponia. Assessment and development of digital strategy, digital marketing strategy and digital advertising with Kalevala Group internal teams to relaunch this classic brand for existing and new international markets.


Working closely with the internal Kalevala Group teams and external PR agencies to develop a classic Nordic brand. 'Looking back to look forward' with an integrated approach and a clear audience segmentation under focus. Brand positioning and reach out to potential younger demographics in multiple markets were set out as a key objective.


Successful relaunch of a modernised, multichannel strategy and platform to service existing and new global multilingual Lapponia customers. Considering PR amplifications alongside new original content activations and influencer marketing to reach new audiences for a rich storytelling of the brand. Digital advertising considerations to support a long term international amplification of content marketing.