Keyword research, analysis and SEO optimisation project for a leading Miami-based fintech business.


Novopayment required a clear path to optimise their website and content marketing for SEO best practices. Both Spanish and English keyword research were required in order to align with their South American clients and a general improvement to the organic visibility of their website.


Looking at a leading Fintech company who service the wider Latin America area within an international context, the nuances of competitive keyword research were fully explored so as to identify exactly where the focus should lie. Analysing target audience demographics, relevance, search volume, user location and local SEO keyword research to identify targeted keywords for the purpose of driving traffic and revenue to the business.


Through our keyword research and analysis of Novopayment online properties, organic traffic was considerably increased and Novopayment were able to achieve their SEO goals with an increased awareness and better positioning in search for companies looking at Fintech solutions in Latin American markets.