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Saari was brought in as part of the digital marketing and strategy team, to lead Railsr’s digital marketing and amplify brand and offering in embedded finance.


Saari was hired as part of the digital marketing and strategy team for Railsr, an open banking API platform (banking as a service) that gives regulated and unregulated companies access to global banking with 5 lines of code. Our remit was to support and direct the internal RB team on lead generation, SEO, customer acquisition, and amplification of the Railsr brand and offering. This would involve international, multi-platform PPC campaigning, and SEO alongside the setting up of the Railsr advertising platform and reporting.


Saari outlined relevant platforms to plan, build and launch Railsr’s PPC campaigning to increase brand visibility, generate leads, and deliver a high volume of quality traffic to specific landing pages with a related SEO project crossing over from inbound to outbound. Saari's multi-platform campaigning involved an initial research and segmentation process in order to define the targeting within available audiences. The campaigns were monitored daily and refinements and improvements were continually implemented to maximise campaign efficiency and effectiveness as learnings were found. As a result of Saari's strategic work, Railsr was able to develop and implement suitable and specific digital marketing strategies, resulting in a best-in-class combination of B2B-oriented yet creative campaigning.


Throughout their partnership, Saari has proven successful in delivering results for Railsr to maximise product visibility and awareness to relevant potential customers. Partnership efforts have resulted in increased brand awareness and high-quality traffic through a calculated and insightful approach to new technology development.