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Brand and website development for TIVIA, Finland's leading, information and communications organisation’s brand and new tech news media platform, ITInsider.


Post-development of the Tivia digital brand, Saari were tasked with brand and website development for tech news digital media platform, ITInsider. The process would involve technical consulting (choices), development and realising the ITInsider brand which would then be utilised to create, optimise, and publish the ItInsider.fi website.


Saari realised and developed the digital media ITInsider website which implemented media and payments-related solutions with Leaky Paywall, WooCommerce and other relevant technologies. The website's design, usability, and UX were prioritised to launch a new media platform to address an under-serviced niche in the Nordic markets.


The ITInsider brand launched, along with a fully realised and optimised website that utilised the leading technologies to deliver relevant news for a relatively untapped audience in the Nordic markets.